Easy, clean and circular!

Also in the middle of busy places like the financial district of Amsterdam at the Zuidas it is possible to compost organic waste.

That is demonstrated by the Worm Hotel that Le Compostier build for Circl and that is in use by Circl’s restaurant. The worm hotel is placed alongside the Gustav Mahlerplein and is covered with plants at the front and on top. A watergarden gives space to a lush green bouquet of waterplants.

People passing by hardly notice that inside the furniture millions of organisms are at work to make the finest compost available: vermicompost. Only when you open the windows on the sides of the composting furniture you discover what is happening inside; organic waste is turned into a valuable resource for Urban Greening.

The chef of Circl, Rudolf Brand, is taking great care of the workers in the worm hotel. He is showing great pride in the fact that the organic waste of the kitchen is not ending in the trash bin any longer and will be used to feed the herb garden of the restaurant.

Composting is not difficult, it actually is very easy! It does not smell and to be able to use the compost in the garden is very satisfying.

Aantal deelnemers: 10


Gebruik: Na toestemming van initiatiefnemer

Soort afval: G, F, E

Locatie: CIRCL, Gustav Mahlerplein, Amsterdam, Nederland

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